Purity vs Presentation. Some notes.

Loop of making

  1. experience of a push/pull to make or explore something
  2. the doing process (almost meditative)
  3. [a]
  4. evaluating what has been made and adjusting it to be more coherent with and in itself
  5. [b]
  6. exhibiting it in a way that again is with and in itself coherent with the work and the space
  7. [c]
  8. reflecting on perceiving the exhibited
  9. creation of meaning and context
  10. [d]
  11. reevaluation if work is itself and in its context in and with itself coherent
  12. potential reevaluation of phases 4 and 6
  13. then repetition of phases 8 – 11
  14. potential repetition of phases 12 and 13

a = raw (pure) state
b = repaired state (adjustment phase 1)
c = polished state (adjustment phase 2)
d = assessed state

Is not everything past state a inauthentic? It seems this could be where being and thinking splits, where authenticity becomes a virtue of being (subconscious?) rather than conscious acting, as conscious acting can never be pure. I hesitate to continue past state a. If I want to get closer to where a came from, why would I move in the opposite direction towards b, c and d in the direction of an end, a finished work? Why finish it? Is it not already complete in state a? Or is it me not wanting to take responsibility for it, take responsibility for my consciousness?

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