From one of my letters

It was Sunday and every Saturday and Sunday we did not speak. In the evening we made a fire outside to celebrate the new moon. Surrounding the fire pit, we stood – watching the flames. Many thoughts tumbled and screamed inside my head – random, anxious, hateful chatter and all I wanted was for it to stop – I was prepared to be violent. Then my body bent down, breaking through what felt like an energy field surrounding my upper body, picking up a piece of wood and then, by sort of activating my mental capacities placed it with absolute care and precision onto the burning fire. There is a method to placing wood on fire – it requires attention and concentration. Enough space between the wood pieces allows oxygen to circulate. Estimating the fragility of the already charred logs prevents them from collapsing when new chunks are added. Every fire is different. Fire changes continuously. I repeated this action of bending down and placing wood multiple times (with minutes in between) and every time the same happened. By exiting the upper energy bubble the thoughts stopped and I was able to experience the perfect merging of body and mind being one. After a while I stopped because it became funny, it just worked every time – like clock-work.