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Currently lives and works in The Hague, Netherlands

HRK Collective | Notes on Hapticity


Karolina Rupp (b.1988, Germany) grew up in Pretoria, South Africa. With a background in sociology, anthropology and photography, Karolina worked in a Pretoria-based art studio and as of early 2016 is living in The Netherlands. Initially relying on lens-based media, her work has shifted to an artistic practice rooted in sculpture and installation. Imbued with phenomenological and ontological undercurrents and the elements of chance, repetition and ephemerality, Karolina’s interest lies in the intuitive artistic process itself as a potential catalyst to discover and make sense of the unknown. Her work has been shown in various group exhibitions both in South Africa and The Netherlands.

2016 – 2020  Bachelor of Fine Arts with specialisation in Sculpture/3D, Royal Academy of Art (The Hague, NL)
2013  Advanced Certificate in Professional Photography, Vega School of Brand Leadership (Pretoria, RSA)
2012  Higher Certificate in Photography, Vega School of Brand Leadership (Pretoria, RSA)
2010 – 2014  Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Anthropology, University of South Africa (Pretoria, RSA)

Selected Exhibitions
Graduation Show at the KABK (g), The Hague (NL, Sep 2020)
‘Note to Self’ at Helena van Doeverenplantsoen (g), The Hague (NL, 2019)
‘Today I Taste Tomorrow’ at Helena van Doeverenplantsoen (g), The Hague (NL, 2019)
‘Everything must go’ (One Nest Stand #26) at NEST (g), The Hague (NL, 2017)
‘The Narrative Portrait’ at SE Centre for Photography (g), Greenville SC (US, 2015)
‘Prospect Poem’ at Grounded at Echo (s), Pretoria (RSA, 2015)
‘Miniatures’ at Long Street Art Lovers (g), Pretoria (RSA, 2015)
‘A summer evening stroll’ at Blokhuiz Studio Collective (g), Pretoria (RSA, 2014)
‘Exit’ at Kaimara Gallery (s), Pretoria (RSA, 2014)
Graduation Exhibition at Vega (g), Pretoria (RSA, 2013)

Arteles Creative Center – ‘Silence, Awareness, Existence’, Haukijärvi (FIN, Feb 2020)

Long listed, Aesthetica Art Prize 2015 (UK, 2016)