Conscious Waste.
Looking back at the shards of thought we discarded from our future.


Year, Place
2015, Pretoria

Positive colour slide photographs printed as negatives on black and white photographic paper in a traditional darkroom.

As we go through life we process endless streams of information without end. All of the time. Every day. Most of what we process is subconscious and therefore ends up as mountains of conscious waste locked away in infinite pools of untapped thought accessible to the conscious mind only through the luck of triggered association we refer to as memory. What if we tried to glimpse shards of these unassociated thoughts hidden away in our subconscious? What if we actively tried to remember things without it being triggered as memories? What would we see? That is the narrative and exploration of this series. The recycling of conscious waste.

I photographed this series on colour slide (positive) film since it is a true and direct representation of the moment you find yourself in. The now. Conscious thought. This reflects the initial experience when we process information in our daily lives, be it conscious or subconscious. Those thoughts that are locked away in our subconscious minds soon loose their clarity, become less vivid and ultimately fade into obscurity. Conscious waste. This abstraction of untapped glimpses of thought is illustrated by the black and white negative printing of a positive colour source.