Millennial Membership.
Praised for existing.

Year, Place
2016, The Hague, Netherlands

Canvas, primer, dirt and varnish. 3 x A0; 3 x A1; 3 x A2.

Humans born between 1980 and 2000 fall into the so called Generation Y (the Millennials). They are lazy, entitled and narcissistic, obsessed with achievement and have been praised for mere participation and thus need constant rewarding. I am a member, and I am too lazy to fill my own canvas but still want to be rewarded and praised for it.

I bought a huge piece of natural canvas and cut it into pieces, primed and placed them around my home. After a week I named and varnished the dirty canvases to present a completed body of work, representing my generation.

3 x A0; 3 x A1; 3 x A2.